International Student

The people of North Carolina want to welcome you to the U.S., and we want you to know we are delighted you have chosen to study in North Carolina. Your first week in the U.S. can be a little overwhelming as you figure out the details of where you will live, how to furnish your new home and where to go for groceries and other items. Local North Carolinians are working together to welcome you during your first week in the U.S.; we would like to get to know you and help you get settled in.

Volunteers from North Carolina have listed furniture they have available. Visit the furniture forum to view the list of furniture. We ask that you only contact one or two church volunteers with items that you are interested in, so as to give other students the opportunity to also browse the items. If you need a ride to a local store, search the ride forum for someone in your town. And if you don't see what you need listed on these two forums, make your own request, and wait for a local church member to contact you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of furniture is listed?

The furniture listed on the Furniture Forum is gently used furniture owned by local church members. They are interested in giving their furniture to you as a gift to help you get settled into your new place in North Carolina.

How do I receive the furniture?

To receive an item of furniture on the connector just click the "respond" button under the listing you're interested in. Fill out the form and it will go directly to the owner of the furniture as an email message. Exchange email and see if the owner is able to deliver the furniture. If not, then check the Rides Forum for rides and see if someone in the area can help deliver the furniture. 

Why are local people donating furniture and offering rides?

Local church members in the Raleigh-Durham area want to work together to kindly welcome incoming international students to our towns and cities. We are glad you are here and we know that it can be difficult to get acquainted with your new location. We know that the furniture we may no longer need could be useful for you, and so that's why we started this effort called "First Week in the U.S." We also look forward to getting to know you!

Is my email address secure?

Your email address is not published anywhere on the website. When filling out the form on the Connector pages, you will be asked to give a valid email address. When someone is interested in responding to your post, they will then be taken to a form that, when completed, will come to your email inbox. However, they will not see your email address. You will then be able to respond to the local church member.