Church Volunteer

Together, as local members of area churches, we can unite our efforts to welcome incoming international students to our community. As we welcome and serve new internationals students in North Carolina, we will have opportunity to build foundations for lasting relationships with people from all nations. Come and get connected with international students during their first week in the U.S.!

You can participate in three different ways:
1. Donate furniture
2. Help move furniture
3. Provide rides to a store
All aspects are important and you can help with as many as you would like. Below is information for each aspect.

NOTE: You must fill out volunteer covenant form and sign up/sign in before posting on a forum! If you haven't done, please click here.

Donate Furniture

Students typically arrive with one or two suitcases to an empty apartment or dorm room. If you are interested in donating slightly used furniture to an international student simply prepare the furniture. Go to the forum List Furniture and click "Add an Entry." There you will see a form to fill out, and then just click "List Furniture." A student who choses to respond to your post will also fill out a form that will come to you as an email. When a student has responded to your listing, correspond with the student to find out where the student lives and to plan a delivery date. If you are unable to deliver the furniture look for a person on the list below who is able to help move furniture. Send him/her an email and coordinate a delivery day.

Help Move Furniture

Students typically do not have a car. Perhaps you do not have any used furniture to provide, but you are interested in helping a family who wants to donate furniture by delivering it to the student. Just make a post on the Offer a Ride forum and be sure to identify "help move furniture" as your offer. Most of the moving will be done during the first week international students arrive in the U.S.

Provide Rides to the Store

Students typically need to purchase additional items for their new homes as well as groceries and school supplies. If you are interested in providing incoming students with a ride to a local Walmart, Target, Food Lion or other store, you can connect with the students needing rides. Visit the Offer a Ride forum to add an entry of when you're available or visit the Make a Request forum to see if you can find a student needing a ride who you could help. 

Be sure to note what city the student is located in so as to connect with students nearby.



Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of furniture do students need?

Students moving into bare apartments need everything from mattresses to TVs. Any gently used furniture you are interested in donating can be listed. The most practical items needed are usually mattresses, beds, desks, tables, couches and bookshelves.

Will the student pick up the furniture?

Most likely students have just arrived and will not have a car or possibly even a license. When you list furniture, it would be best if you plan to deliver the furniture. If you are unable to deliver, then go to the rides offered and see if anyone has a truck who lives in your city or town and can help deliver. Just click respond and send an email directly to that person.

Is my email address secure?

Your email address is not published anywhere on the website. When filling out the form on the Connector pages, you will be asked to give a valid email address. When someone is interested in responding to your post, they will then be taken to a form that, when completed, will come to your email inbox. However, they will not see your email address. You will then be able to respond to the student.