First Week in the U.S. seeks to connect church volunteers with incoming international students. If you have a specific question feel free to contact us at firstweekinus(at)gmail.com.

Below are general questions asked. For more specific questions and answers visit the pages to the left: Incoming International Student or Church Volunteer.

General FAQ

Is my email address secure on www.firstweekinus.com?

Your email address is not published anywhere on the website. When filling out the form on the Connector pages, you are asked to provide a valid email address. When someone is interested in responding to your post then they will be taken to a form that when completed will come directly to your email inbox, but they will not have access to your email address. You will then be able to email a reply directly to this respondent.

How do I use the Connectors?

Depending on if you are a church volunteer or an incoming international student then the way you use the Connectors is going to be slightly different. 

  • Visit one of the three connectors:
    • List furniture - church volunteers post furniture they have available to students
    • Offer a ride - church volunteers post times they are available to give a new student a ride to the store
    • Make a request - new students post things they need, such as furniture or a ride
  • At the connectors either (1) "Add an Entry" or (2) "Respond" to an entry.
  • Visit the FAQ tab for more information about your role as an Incoming International Student or as a Church Volunteer.

How can I share how I've been impacted by First Week in U.S.?

No matter if you are a church volunteer or an incoming international student, we would love to hear how you've been impacted by First Week in U.S. The best way to share your story is to post on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/firstweekinus. Share pictures you took during First Week or just a quick word about what happened. We look forward to connecting!